How the SWTCH HOUSE Team is Celebrating “Plastic Free July”

Have you heard? “Plastic Free July” is Here!

Nobody is perfect, and we are the first to admit we aren’t perfect. So, full-on “Plastic Free July” just isn’t happening for us, but we will reduce our use of plastic. Here are a few ways that our team is cutting down on plastic, the 5 R’s help us remember to stay on track.

1. Refuse:

What plastics can you say no to? We are saying no to plastic water bottles, single-use utensils, and plastic food packaging, and if we do not bring our coffee-to-go mugs to a cafe, we do not get coffee that day.

2. Replace plastic options with non-plastic:

We are trying to use the bulk section in the grocery stores as much as possible while bringing our own jars. Luckily Squamish has many refill stores to help reduce our use of plastic. One of our favoruite places is WeFill Mobile Refillery. A local woman-owned business where Jen comes to you to shop.

3. Reduce your use:

Start by using up what you have and replacing it with quality items that will stand the test of time. An example of this would be one pen you use daily that works well instead of a bunch of pens you keep throwing away because they stop working. Quality over quantity helps reduce waste.

4. Reuse:

Single-use plastics are wasteful because we throw them away right after we finish, but we can break that cycle by reusing. This is a great example of how we are not perfect. So, if we get a plastic fork somewhere, our goal this July is to keep reusing it. Break that wasteful, single-use plastic cycle by reusing things.

5. Recycle:

Lastly, when that plastic has been used to the end of its life cycle, wash it and gently lay it to rest in the recycle bin. And remember, it’s okay not to be perfect.

We hope our tips help you reduce your plastic consumption. And we know plastic is everywhere, and the unfortunate part is that so much plastic is already in the ocean. But a little bit of planning can help a lot. And remember, no one is perfect! Thank you, “Plastic-Free July,” for pushing us to be less wasteful.

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